Others First


Have you ever heard the saying, “the fastest way to the palace is through the servants quarters?” Let me give you the prime example: Jesus could have come into the world as a  mighty soldier with a vast army but God flipped the script. Jesus came into the world as a helpless baby, walked through our suffering with us, lived without a proper home to call his own and died on a cross so we could have life and life more abundantly. See, it’s different in the Kingdom than in the temporal world. Jesus modeled what it means to raise others up whether it be a need, an encouraging word, or an opportunity. There was never a competitive spirit in Him. He lived His life serving and placing others before Him. He wasn’t insecure about others surpassing Him. If you step out, He will walk you through it. We mustn’t be afraid to give more of ourselves for He is with us.

The temporal world will tell you, me first. You must become successful first but eternal success is raising others to their potential. Who has traveled into your life that you have helped succeed? What’s so amazing about Jesus is that He shares His throne with us. My challenge to you is promote others above yourself. Let your ceiling become their floor. Cheer them on to greatness as we go lower so someone else can go higher. Trust that God will take care of you and your needs and even desires. He sees all and there is a great reward as we transition into the greater eternal reality.

Jesus is our role model. Greater things we will do.


In Love,

Pastor Roger and Gloria